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People have an affinity for wood, home decorating with wood. But wood also has its own shortcomings, easy to shrinkage cracking, water variable type, when wet easy to mold, fire, flammable if doors with plywood, Cheap Wood Patio Floor Bass which will pollute the indoor formaldehyde. Is there a "merit only wood, no wood defects", "is not a wood, wood is worth," the new material? Now with. This is the processing of wood flour and PVC plastic with wood-plastic composites (WPC).

In other countries, after ten years of research, development and industrial applications, WPC has become a new industry. WPC wood flour, agricultural straw powder plant fiber and plastic as the main raw material, Cheap Backyard Flooring Ideas the use of advanced processing technology, and products can be repeated recycling. From the organoleptic point of view, wood-plastic material has good wooden texture, moisture, color is good, thermal insulation corrosion,

mechanical properties than pure wood materials 10 times to become the ideal substitute for natural wood. Mainly waste plastics and branches pink tree branches, agricultural straw powder plant fiber as raw materials,outdoor decking hard wood floor uae manufactured products are widely used in packaging, landscape, transportation, construction, travel and other interior areas. "Plastic wood, plastic and steel, saving resources and protecting the environment."